Joy, with some new clothes….

Let me just say, Joy is a lot of fun to dress.  A toddler with that much eye makeup makes an interesting model.  Anyway, most of these outfits are available at my etsy shop Lemieux Doll Boutique .

Just sayin’.


Joy in her beach cover-up. Her glasses are borrowed from Hasbro’s Lorifina.


Joy and her twin ready for a little summer fun!  Check it out here!


She’s ready for her close-up!


Another beach coverup


5 thoughts on “Joy, with some new clothes….

  1. I love these dolls! I wanted to collect them several years ago, but at that time they were very “hot” and I never managed to get one. Now I can enjoy seeing your collection grow. More please! :o)

  2. The beach cover ups reminded me of the muʻumuʻu mother used to wear. Hers sported some design that looked like festive red and gold amoebas dancing all around her.

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