Joy in the New York Times….


Joy would make a wonderful Christmas gift….especially in 1965! Here’s a peak at some of the super cute styles available back then….

Joy was a very fashionable little girl.  I found this vintage newspaper insert from the New York Times with lots of toys that were available at Abraham & Strauss.  Joy popped up throughout the catalog.  Take a peak-


Joy was dressed in lots of cute outfits. I love the little bobbed hair cuts.  I’ve never been able to find a Joy with bobbed black hair, although their is a black haired Joy with center parted long hair (she was dressed in a Spanish costume).  Here are some more pics from the catalog:


Joy made cameos throughout the catalog. She looks like she’s peaking around the corner. Check out that goofy eyed tiger.


Who wouldn’t want a Joy?


I’m thinking that the photographer was having fun with Joy at this point.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Joy in the New York Times….

  1. Thanks so much for posting these. I am always interested in these dolls and it’s fascinating to me to see that A&S had them made especially for them. I have the one in navy and the pinafore doll, but have only seen the ruffled top in dolls that are in terrible condition. Didn’t even know that was a RHD dress.

    • Yes, I love the old toy catalogs. It’s great to see how these dolls appeared in pristine, unplayed with condition. And most of the original clothing I have is in terrible condition as well. : )

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