A vintage jewelry box redone!


Showing the “after” first.

I was thrift-store shopping with some friends and stumbled upon this lovely vintage jewelry box.  It had one problem.  It smelled vintage.  It made a great project and I thought I’d show it here.  I know it’s not a doll project, but I will be using it to store my doll’s jewelry, so that will be the tie in.


A bit scuffed, but I loved the drawer pulls and the lines of this piece. It was lined in a faux velvet nightmare that smelled like death.

So this is what I started with.  The gross red lining had to go, and hopefully the smell with it.  It was glued down very firmly, so it took a bit of work.


You’ll be glad you can’t smell this wherever you are.

So I scraped it all out:


Then it was sanded down, primed, and painted.  I tried spray painting this time around.  I fell in love with this Blue Ocean Breeze Krylon color!


I didn’t take off the drawer pulls.  They were nailed in and they could have been ruined in the process.  It took many coats of spray paint and lots of drying time (it was extremely humid) but I was very happy with the results.  To line the drawers,  I chose a champagne colored upholstery velvet.


First, making cardboard inserts which will be covered with the velvet and then glued inside.  Had to make sure that they would fit perfectly, but still allow for the extra thickness the fabric would add.


Cutting fabric to wrap around and glue to each cardboard piece.  My cutting mat is in pretty rough shape!

And then, just gluing the pieces inside finished the job.  The tiny earrings and other jewelry for my ‘girls’ have a pretty place to stay!


Smells nice and fresh!


Tiny studs and dangling earrings for people that work great for dolls!

It was a fun and easy project.  I’m looking for more things to spray paint now!


7 thoughts on “A vintage jewelry box redone!

    • The prep work took all the time. I was a bit fussy about sanding everything and getting all of that awful lining out was the worst. Pretty happy with the results of the efforts, though! Thanks for reading!

  1. This project inspired me to make a bunk bed for my Kewpie twins, Earl and Pearl. They were triplets, but an unfortunate encounter with G.I. Joe in 1977 took the life of Darrel.

    R.I.P. Darrel 1974-1977

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