Lonely Lisa doll by Royal


Lonely Lisa in 17″ and 22″ versions

Love them or hate them, big eyes were everywhere in the sixties and seventies.  If you were alive, you might have had a Margaret Keane-like painting of a sad waif on your bedroom wall.  Or maybe you knew someone who had weepy, creepy clowns decorating their family room.  At the time I had little appreciation for this artwork (it gave me the willies) but I did (and still do) love the dolls born out of this era, especially Royal Doll Company’s Lonely Lisa.


Catalog page for Lonely Lisa in two sizes.

These Lisa dolls featured vinyl arms, legs, and head with a filled fabric body.  She had a wire armature inside which allowed Lisa to hold simple poses.  She was usually dressed in loose smock type dresses with stockings and black, velvety shoes.  These mass produced beauties show up on online auctions from time to time and are reasonable in price.  Don’t be surprised if you need to do a little work to preserve your doll.  It may be intimidating, but it’s not difficult to restore Lisa to her former misery.


A commissioned Alice-inspired outfit for Lonely Lisa

Just a few photos today.  More tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Lonely Lisa doll by Royal

  1. Very pretty! I always wanted one of these as a child, but never got one. I know there’s an all vinyl doll similar to this, but called something else. Are you familiar with that doll also?
    You “Alice” is lovely!

    • Hi,I’m highly interested in this doll just wondering if you still have her I’m reading now that these post was posted a long time ago I’m literally just looking into the lonely Lisa doll now my mom overtime keeps telling me about it and I never really looked into it before how much she used to love this doll and her mom my grandmother would always say and everybody else how much she looked like the doll and it’s ironic that my mom’s name is also Lisa!! Trying to get my hands on one and surprise her should be the happiest person on this Earth if not no worries I’m just going to continue to look until I find one thank you greatly appreciate it hoping to hear from you soon!!

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