The latest outfit…..

The sketch

The sketch


So here’s another inside look at how I get things done.  I wanted to make a preppy school outfit for the Little Darlings doll, and this is where I started.  A few things changed along the way, but hopefully the spirit of the thing remained.  Oh, and check out the tiny hanger taped to the page in the upper right hand corner.  My husband made that while he was on a conference call.  Totally random, I know…..




The two tiered skirt was one of the first things to go.  Also, my plan was to have black knee high socks, but I changed the socks to white.  The idea of staining this doll’s legs frightens me!  Fun fact, I actually had a plaid dress like this in the early eighties.




The jacket is actually silk woven in a nice herringbone pattern.  I hand embroidered the little crest with an “M” for Matilda Pink.  It is lined in white with tiny black pin dots.




The jacket buttons are non functioning.  So there you have it!


Thanks for looking!


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