Great source for fabric….

Momoko LOVES tiny prints!

Momoko LOVES tiny prints!

Years ago, I sold doll clothes at craft shows and art fairs.  It was interesting to me that most crafters/artists were not too keen on sharing their sources for materials when asked.  I guess I can’t blame them.  If you happen to find a great resource for unique notions or fabrics, why would you want a potential competitor to know?  Well, today I’m going to let you know about one of my favorite “secret” stores.  It is an online shop called Farmhouse Fabrics.  This is not an advertisement for them.  It’s just a great place to find tiny prints and trims, and I wanted to share my experience with them with all of my fellow doll clothes designers.

Wrapped with such care!

Wrapped with such care!

When you get your purchases in the mail, you can expect to receive your items wrapped with great care, and fabrics bundled up and tied with a pretty coordinating bow.  Who does that anymore?  Well, the good people of Farmhouse Fabrics do!

Tiny trims!  Perfect for dolls!

Tiny trims! Perfect for dolls!

Farmhouse Fabrics has an amazing selection of tiny prints from Japan.  Can we all say kawaii?  They carry Liberty of London lawn fabrics which are so fantastic for doll sewing.  If you haven’t sewn with Liberty of London fabrics yet, you really need to try.  The quality is superb and the prints are crisp and beautiful.  Momoko is wearing a dress made from a Liberty print.  (Btw, please don’t judge that dress-it’s not done yet!).  Anyway, if you need tiny scale prints, Farmhouse Fabrics has a great selection.

REALLY tiny rick rack!

REALLY tiny rick rack!

And did I mention the REALLY tiny rick rack?  They carry the truly tiny rick rack that is almost impossible to find now.  I’m not talking about that ‘baby rick rack’ that you can find with the Wrights Trims display at most fabric stores.  I’m talking about the micro rick rack that is just like the vintage stuff we all love.  Doesn’t Nancy Famosa look just delighted? 😉

Farmhouse Fabrics also carries a gorgeous selection of vintage fabrics that you won’t see anywhere else.   Oh, and I almost forgot the lace!!!!  You’re just going to have to check them out to see for yourself.   Pour yourself a nice cup of tea and settle down for some real browsing.  Then order something and prepare to be delighted!


3 thoughts on “Great source for fabric….

  1. Hi! I just looked at the website, it’s great! And they ship outside the U.S. too, which is great news for me! They have lovely fabrics, and I’m going to take your advice and take my time to browse through all the categories, just looking at all those fabrics makes me happy :-D. Thank you for sharing your secret shop!

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