Flying the friendly skies….vintage doll style


There is a certain romance about air travel ‘back in the day’.  Flying anywhere was a precious experience and passengers dressed with more concern for style and propriety than comfort.  No one took that idea more seriously than the flight crew. Could there have been anyone more glamorous than a stewardess?  I remember my first flight, when I was only four years old.  I can’t confirm any of my memories, but there are some things which left indelible marks on my psyche.  The smell of jet fuel, for one thing, takes me right back. One whiff and I’m four years old ready to embark on a thrilling adventure.  And the smell of the waxy crayons they gave my brother and me to scribble with has been forever linked with a memory of flight.  But one of my best memories is of the absolutely stunning stewardesses.  I had never seen women so beautiful in my short life until then.  For years I would imagine that nothing could be better than to grow up and become one.

Things have changed, obviously.  For one thing, don’t bother to correct me about ‘flight attendant’ being a more appropriate term.  I get it.  But what I have done recently was revived my old fondness for the stewardess of way-back-when and paired it with my passion for vintage dolls.  I hope that you’ll like what you see.  

I started out with an American Airline stewardess.  The very simple dress in either red, white, or navy with a crisp striped belt was elegant and practical.  I also liked the scarf and bag options.  A Furga Alta Moda S-girl Simona with a shoulder length bob models the navy dress.  Another Furga doll, possibly Paola, Perla or Peonia, models the red dress.  Both wear matching shorts underneath, just to keep things modest and tidy.




There are more dolls coming.  I had fun making United Airlines, Pacific Southwest Airlines, and Braniff stewardesses.  Stay tuned for more in the next days!  Until then, do you have any favorite vintage stewardess uniform styles?


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