More Vintage Stewardess Goodness….

Today we continue the vintage stewardess theme with United Airlines.  Another Furga Alta Moda Simona doll plays the model in a red dress with white accents.  Furga Damina wears the navy and white dress.  And just how gorgeous is Damina?  Check them out here:



Love, love, love the little white gloves with the uniform.  How practical was that?  Anyway, it was a very crisp look, don’t you think?


And now for Simona.  The original uniform was available in various color combinations.  Red hats were also available, and possibly blue as well.  I opted to give both of the dolls white hats.




Next time I’ll get away from the red, white, and navy color combinations.  Anyone remember Pacific Southwest Airlines?  Let’s just say that they knew how to rock pink and orange!


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