Italocremona Corinne as a Braniff Stewardess



Perhaps many of you are already familiar with the amazing uniforms designed by Emilio Pucci for Braniff Airlines.  It seemed very appropriate to dress Italocremona’s Corinne in my own version, as both the designer and the doll are Italian and both the uniform and the doll are dated 1965.  Of course I took some liberties with the suit here.  The original version was part of the “Air Strip” set.  I’ve only made the lined magenta zippered jacket and wrap skirt with a pretty snazzy pill box hat.  Oh, and let’s not forget those boots.  I hope you like what you see.  Anyway, the doll and her entire outfit will be going on eBay this Thursday (March 5, 2015) if anyone is interested in bringing her onboard.  Until then, check this out…..


Wow, has air travel changed.




There is a little silver chain sewn into the jacket hem so that it hangs nicely when Corinne wears it.  And the skirt is also lined with the same fun print.  I hope you like what you see!  Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Italocremona Corinne as a Braniff Stewardess

  1. You are certainly very creative! I’ve just acquired a brunette Corinne and am creating a wedding gown for her. She is very easy to ‘fit’ since she doesn’t have the uh…’architecture’ that, say, Barbie does! 🙂

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