A few Joys are looking for new adventures….

Pastel Joy

The dolly shelves have gotten a little crowded and some girls have to go.  These three Joy dolls from my personal collection are going on eBay tonight, starting at 6:45 PT.  I hope that they find fun adventures and appreciative homes.  Check out some more pictures…..

DSCN3306Sweet side part Joy.  Her complexion seems just a little darker than the other girls.  She’s absolutely adorable.  She looks like she might be up to no good, though.


Such sweetness!  Those cheeks are so round, you’ll wish you could pinch them!  My mother gave me bangs like this when I was little.  Oh, what was she thinking?  I know I wasn’t nearly as cute as this little one!


I love the way her eye shadow perfectly matches the dress.

Thank you for looking!  Please check out the auctions tonight!


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