Something came in the mail today…..


Today was a big day for the Tonner Doll Company as they merged with One World Doll Project to become Tonner One World.  It’s kind of exciting to think what that might mean for doll collectors young and old (like me).  I can tell you what it meant for me today!  The My Imagination 18″ doll I ordered from the Tonner Doll Company arrived at my door step today! I collect all sorts of dolls, mostly vintage and big eyed girls, but there will always be a place in my heart for the classic 18″ play dolls like Magic Attic, American Girl, Gotz Happy Kidz, etc.  so I couldn’t resist ordering this latest addition to the club.  Here are a few quick pics of the new girl.  They aren’t great pics, but you’ll get the idea…

This is the brown eyed brunette basic doll.  She has a very pretty face sculpt.  I wonder what some of the talented doll artists who customize dolls are going to do with her.  I’m prepared to be amazed.  But for now, here she is in her original state.


And here she is, side by side with American Girl Marisol.  I think these two will definitely be sharing clothes…and shoes.


It’s no beauty contest here, but tell me how pretty this girl is!  They are very similar in size and proportion.  Check out the hand and feet comparisons….




Here she is next to her first cousin, Megan from Magic Attic. Magic Attic dolls were also designed by Robert Tonner.  See the resemblance?  I think the My Imagination Doll is a bit larger than the Magic Attic dolls, so perhaps sharing clothes with American Girl Dolls will be more likely.  And the Magic Attic doll has much smaller feet, too.



So there you have it.  The My Imagination Doll is going to fit nicely into the 18″ doll world.  In my humble opinion she’s a real standout with her beautifully sculpted features.  The fact that she has an all vinyl body is another plus, too.  What do you think?  Is she a tempting buy for you, too?


4 thoughts on “Something came in the mail today…..

  1. Hi! These My Imagination dolls are really beautiful. The brunette is my favourite. I received mine last Wednesday and I have to say she is a darling. She can share clothes with American Girls dolls as you have mentioned and also with Bonnie and Pearl dolls.

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