Vidal Rojas Muñecas de Colección


Several years ago, I discovered a sweet-faced vintage doll from Spain called Nancy.  I’ve blogged about her here, so I won’t repeat myself now.  I’m very grateful for that discovery, because through our shared love of Nancy by Famosa, I found one of my dearest friends, Allison.  It seems that there was more for me to find, however.  Among the flickr photos of fellow Nancy collectors, I stumbled upon a new collection of dolls by Vidal Rojas in Spain.  I have no knowledge of Spanish so I rely heavily on Google translate in these situations.  I can’t tell you much about these pretty dolls, but I wanted to share the little I do know.  


If I understand correctly, there are two types of 16 inch dolls.  The dolls called “Pepa’s” have eyes that open and close.  The doll above Pepa’s Rubia and I purchased her undressed.  This seems to be a popular option, because many of the dolls are available without clothing.


The “Mari’s” dolls have fixed eyes, like the one above.  I have to admit I prefer these dolls. The eyelashes are very long, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but trimming them is definitely an option.  I like them just as they are!  The dolls are scented, strongly, of vanilla…..No.  They smell like birthday cake.  I LOVE it.  They have been sitting in my studio for over a week and I still like it.

The quality of these dolls is wonderful.  They are made out of a heavy vinyl and their hair is  thick and brush-able…Quite gorgeous, actually.  They can fit some of Nancy’s clothing, but their bodies are not the same.  Their legs seem a little shorter.  Nancy’s self esteem might take a hit if I post a side by side picture, but I can tell you Nancy has thick legs and stubby T-Rex arms.  These dolls have more natural proportions.  I tried some of my Nancy outfits on them for these photos and they seemed to work out well.

You can check out their facebook page here.  Unfortunately, I don’t understand too much, but you can see that these dolls have plenty of fans!

Bye for now!

Diana : )




6 thoughts on “Vidal Rojas Muñecas de Colección

  1. I want to purchase a Vidal Rojas doll but can’t find a site in English. I emailed hoping someone would reply but no luck. Any idea how I can purchase one of these dolls ?

    • It is hard to get these dolls over here in the states. I have seen them come up on Ebay in the past, though. Do you have a Spanish speaking friend who could email them for you? Perhaps that would help. I’m so sorry that I can’t be of more help. I do hope that you are able to get one of these dolls. They are really well made. Best wishes!!!!

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