Just a quick post to share what’s going on….


Busy working when I can in my little factory.  Made some new coat sets for the shop.  This year I decided to forego the extra accessories and make them hat and coat sets.  I hope that everyone likes them!  I’m in love with teal blues, mustard yellows, dusty pinks and ivory this season.  Can you tell?  Anyway, you can see them at Matilda Pink as well.

Now, it’s back to work for me!

Dolly hugs!



4 thoughts on “Just a quick post to share what’s going on….

  1. Do you sell pdf patterns for these coats please? I live in the UK and am looking for modern patterns and these are SO stylish. And your dolls are just lovely.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Kazz! I think I may have replied to you elsewhere, but to answer your question here, I don’t have any patterns for the Little Darlings dolls at this time. I need to! Your kind words are very encouraging for me. Thank you!

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