Having a little fun with Blythe…

imageI started collecting Blythe years ago.  Back then there weren’t many options for Blythe bodies.  I had swapped one of my Blythe doll’s body with an Obitsu body, but it wasn’t very practical.  The little thing tipped over constantly from the weight of her giant head.  Ugh!  So much for fun posing possibilities.  Other than a couple of Licca body swaps, none of my other girls were subjected to head transplants…Until recently.  It was time to hop on the bandwagon and try one of the fabulous new articulated bodies for Blythe.  I bought a Sweetiiger body and did the switch with my beloved Saffy.  It was so fabulous that I bought a complete doll from the company (head and body this time) and I look forward to customizing her a little…(don’t count on that happening any time soon…). Anyway, I can’t believe that I waited so long to get on board with this.  True, most of the shoes I collected for Blyhe won’t fit the new body.  Oh, well.  I look forward to getting some new shoes for her.  For now, you can see that I’ve been doing a little sewing for her.  I hope you like what you see….imageimageimageimage


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