A final word about Joy….


Joy as a brunette with bangs.

Before I move on to other dolls by Royal, I wanted to show a few comparisons of Joy and her knock offs.   Continue reading

Joy in the New York Times….


Joy would make a wonderful Christmas gift….especially in 1965! Here’s a peak at some of the super cute styles available back then….

Joy was a very fashionable little girl.  I found this vintage newspaper insert from the New York Times with lots of toys that were available at Abraham & Strauss.  Joy popped up throughout the catalog.  Take a peak- Continue reading

Joy, with some new clothes….

Let me just say, Joy is a lot of fun to dress.  A toddler with that much eye makeup makes an interesting model.  Anyway, most of these outfits are available at my etsy shop Lemieux Doll Boutique .

Just sayin’.


Joy in her beach cover-up. Her glasses are borrowed from Hasbro’s Lorifina.


Joy and her twin ready for a little summer fun!  Check it out here!


She’s ready for her close-up!


Another beach coverup

Let’s start with Joy!

Untitled.001In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot about a certain family in England and the birth of a little boy named George.  To commemorate this event, I thought it would be fun to focus my first few blog entries on Royal Dolls….That is to say, I’m featuring dolls made by the Royal Toy Manufacturing Company.  Royal dolls would later merge with Jolly Toy Company, but I won’t bore you with details.  We’ll just say that the company no longer exists, but they left behind a legacy of cute dolls that are fun to collect and not too difficult to find. Continue reading