The 1978 Barbie A Frame Dream House

Several years ago, I came across a treasure.  Someone was throwing out a 1978 Barbie A Frame Dream House.  It had been sitting in the sun for what looked like years.  The doors and windows were all missing.  It was just the external shell, faded and filthy.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have the house of my childhood dreams, so I brought it home where it sat….for years.  It is finally getting a makeover.


There is still a lot to do, but how about a tour?  Right this way… Continue reading


Having a little fun with Blythe…

imageI started collecting Blythe years ago.  Back then there weren’t many options for Blythe bodies.  I had swapped one of my Blythe doll’s body with an Obitsu body, but it wasn’t very practical.  The little thing tipped over constantly from the weight of her giant head.  Ugh!  So much for fun posing possibilities.  Other than a couple of Licca body swaps, none of my other girls were subjected to head transplants…Until recently.  It was time to hop on the bandwagon and try one of the fabulous new articulated bodies for Blythe.  I bought a Sweetiiger body and did the switch with my beloved Saffy.  It was so fabulous that I bought a complete doll from the company (head and body this time) and I look forward to customizing her a little…(don’t count on that happening any time soon…). Anyway, I can’t believe that I waited so long to get on board with this.  True, most of the shoes I collected for Blyhe won’t fit the new body.  Oh, well.  I look forward to getting some new shoes for her.  For now, you can see that I’ve been doing a little sewing for her.  I hope you like what you see…. Continue reading

Summer-y Ensembles for Little Darlings….


Well, my friends, it is the end of June.  We are now over half way to Christmas!  Are you getting ready?  Only 177 days to go….Just kidding.  I’m still reeling that it’s almost time for the 4th of July.  July?!?  Didn’t we just have Father’s Day?  When did life get so fast?

Sorry for the blabbering.  I’ve actually been happily sewing some bright and summery outfits for the Little Darlings.  They are so fun to sew for.  And they are the cutest models, too!  I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve come up with!  And FYI, they are currently listed in my Etsy shop, Matilda Pink.


Just thought I’d add a quick close up of the first Little Darling in my collection.  She was painted by Gwen Peard.  She is wearing a pink and orange cotton shift dress.  It definitely has a mod edge to it.  I’d kind of like to make one for me!

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Vidal Rojas Muñecas de Colección


Several years ago, I discovered a sweet-faced vintage doll from Spain called Nancy.  I’ve blogged about her here, so I won’t repeat myself now.  I’m very grateful for that discovery, because through our shared love of Nancy by Famosa, I found one of my dearest friends, Allison.  It seems that there was more for me to find, however.  Among the flickr photos of fellow Nancy collectors, I stumbled upon a new collection of dolls by Vidal Rojas in Spain.  I have no knowledge of Spanish so I rely heavily on Google translate in these situations.  I can’t tell you much about these pretty dolls, but I wanted to share the little I do know.   Continue reading

Patience by Wilde Imagination….my thoughts


If you’re reading this blog, you already get it.  I’m into big eyed dolls and the sixties in general.  I’m usually all about the vintage doll, but I’ve been looking at Wilde Imagination’s Patience doll and quite frankly, she’s become a new muse for me.  She’s just the right mix of Audrey Hepburn and Colleen Corby.  If you’re not familiar with Colleen Corby, you’ll want to google her.  She was one of the most adorable teen models of the mod era:



When I see Patience, I see that quintessential teen model of the 1960’s.  She’s all fresh faced and innocent with just the right mix of zany.  Patience really has personality and possibility galore and I’ve spent a little bit of my free time playing with just that.  I hope you like what I’ve come up with, and what’s more, I hope that you are able get a little Patience of your own!

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Great source for fabric….

Momoko LOVES tiny prints!

Momoko LOVES tiny prints!

Years ago, I sold doll clothes at craft shows and art fairs.  It was interesting to me that most crafters/artists were not too keen on sharing their sources for materials when asked.  I guess I can’t blame them.  If you happen to find a great resource for unique notions or fabrics, why would you want a potential competitor to know?  Well, today I’m going to let you know about one of my favorite “secret” stores.  It is an online shop called Farmhouse Fabrics.  This is not an advertisement for them.  It’s just a great place to find tiny prints and trims, and I wanted to share my experience with them with all of my fellow doll clothes designers. Continue reading