Dolls with Mona Lisa eyes….

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  Patience from Robert Tonner's Wilde Imagination can do it all!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Patience from Robert Tonner’s Wilde Imagination can do it all!


It had to happen.  Wilde Imagination’s latest incarnations of cute made their way to my home and I had to share it with the web world.  They may not be for you if you have an issue with eyes following you across the room, but if you appreciate dolls with big eyes (check), dolls with eyes that move (check),  dolls with sweet faces (check), and dolls with highly articulated bodies (check), this may be something you’ll want to look into…..

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How (not) to re-stuff a vintage Lonely Lisa doll….


Here she is, holding that stuffing with unwarranted optimism.

So today I decided to finish up the Lonely Lisa doll I started fixing this week.  I am cringing a little as I think about the following pictures coming your way.  Don’t judge me!  She’s still a pretty thing, she’s just far from perfect…..Remember, I rescued her from the landfill….. Continue reading

Lonely Lisa gets a bath….


The before picture

I thought it might be fun to blog the make-over of a vintage Lonely Lisa doll, from start to finish.  I’m not a doll restorer, so my methods might not be the best.  However, the dolls that find their way into my hands are usually one step away from the land fill, so I don’t think I’m ruining anything precious.  Here we go!

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