How (not) to re-stuff a vintage Lonely Lisa doll….


Here she is, holding that stuffing with unwarranted optimism.

So today I decided to finish up the Lonely Lisa doll I started fixing this week.  I am cringing a little as I think about the following pictures coming your way.  Don’t judge me!  She’s still a pretty thing, she’s just far from perfect…..Remember, I rescued her from the landfill….. Continue reading

A gift from a dear friend….


Elise by Madame Alexander

About a year ago, a dear friend sent me an unexpected package.  I love vintage fabrics and trims, and the box was full of those treasures.  The amazing thing is that Adrian included this lovely doll as well.  Continue reading

Lonely Lisa gets a bath….


The before picture

I thought it might be fun to blog the make-over of a vintage Lonely Lisa doll, from start to finish.  I’m not a doll restorer, so my methods might not be the best.  However, the dolls that find their way into my hands are usually one step away from the land fill, so I don’t think I’m ruining anything precious.  Here we go!

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A vintage jewelry box redone!


Showing the “after” first.

I was thrift-store shopping with some friends and stumbled upon this lovely vintage jewelry box.  It had one problem.  It smelled vintage.  It made a great project and I thought I’d show it here.  I know it’s not a doll project, but I will be using it to store my doll’s jewelry, so that will be the tie in.

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Let’s start with Joy!

Untitled.001In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot about a certain family in England and the birth of a little boy named George.  To commemorate this event, I thought it would be fun to focus my first few blog entries on Royal Dolls….That is to say, I’m featuring dolls made by the Royal Toy Manufacturing Company.  Royal dolls would later merge with Jolly Toy Company, but I won’t bore you with details.  We’ll just say that the company no longer exists, but they left behind a legacy of cute dolls that are fun to collect and not too difficult to find. Continue reading