The Matilda Pink Dolly Spa


Kenner Love!!!!!

I began collecting Blythe dolls several years ago after reading an article about Squeaky Monkey in a doll magazine.  My collecting focused on Takara Blythes, as the Kenner girls were always just beyond my financial reach.  In all reality, I could have saved my money, foregone all the Takaras, and purchased one perfect Kenner.  But, I’m a doll nut.  And to quote (or misquote) Dolly Parton, “People say less is more.  I say, no, it’s not.  More is more!”  So I’ve been selling off my SBLs, my RBLs, my EBLs, and I’m about to sell off a BL, so that I can finally enjoy the elusive Kenner!  Here she is, soaking off the vintage dirt, in all her glory!

I wasn’t even thinking about buying a Blythe, but when my friend Bradley showed me this hot mess, I couldn’t resist.


Some wicked child in her past cut her hair down to the plugs in many places.  Someone glued her wig cap on with some pretty nasty looking stuff. Her left knee won’t click anymore.  And she has a smudge on her left green eye.  But that’s it!  As you can clearly see, she’s perfect in every other way!

So I had to clean up some other “new” dolls today.  Here’s what it looks like in my laundry room:Image

I’ll be re-rooting my Kenner girl.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what the best material to use is?  I love the look of mohair, but I’m a bit intimidated.  Is saran a bad idea?  I’d love your opinions!



3 thoughts on “The Matilda Pink Dolly Spa

  1. Wow! Congrats on your Kenner girl! I’m sure she will look amazing when you are done. I wanted to collect them at one time, but ended up going in another direction. I think they were ahead of their time and completely under appreciated when they were first sold.
    Good luck with it. I can’t wait to see her all spiffy-ed up!

  2. Hi Diana!

    Oh I really enjoyed this entry, Kenner Blythe is like a dream for me, I’m so happy for you, congrats!!! Like I used to said in spanish “La madre del amor hermoso!!! ” She looks adorable in your spa, I want to see the results so badly! Everything you decide to do will be fine, I’m sure.

    And the other dolls too. Such a beauties you have! I love all of them.
    Recently I bought a Fanny doll from Vicma, the same size of Corinne. My Fanny needs lovely dresses from lemieuxdolls boutique….maybe in the future you can do something…please…please…hahaha 😉

    Talk soon Diana, enjoy your new treasures!


  3. My good friend Dionte suggests you use those digital black censor boxes to cover up any dolly nudity. He is such a prude. I think he is upset that his hair club for men operation resembles your Kenney Blythes wig cap.

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