Famosa Friday!


Vintage Nancy Famosa, redressed by Lemieux Doll Boutique (me!)

So today I thought it would be fun to share a sweet vintage doll named Nancy Famosa.  To my friends in America, she might be unfamiliar, but to my fellow doll enthusiasts in Spain she will be instantly recognizable.   This wholesome girl had a fabulous wardrobe designed for all the adventures that could come her way.  A boyfriend, Lucas, would later come on the scene as well as a plucky little sister named Lesly.

If you happen to read Spanish, or you just want to see some gorgeous photos of Nancy check out my friend Vanessa’s blog.  You can get an idea of how precious Nancy is in another dolly culture!  An American collector has a great blog with lots of Nancy information.  Check out Allison’s blog for more on Nancy and other vintage goodness!

Nancy stands at 16 inches and has pretty odd proportions.  Her arms are not to scale with the rest of her body, bringing to mind comparisons with tyrannosaurus rex.  Her legs…..well.  She has some pretty thick calves.  Those sturdy legs are going to keep her little feet firmly on the ground.


Nancy has little block-like feet.  They are short and wide.  How cute.  She can wear many shoes designed for MSD dolls.  Also, her tiny waist makes it difficult for other dolls to fit into Nancy’s clothes.


Vintage Nancy redressed by Lemieux Doll Boutique (me!)


Vintage Nancy, in vintage fabrics, by Lemieux Doll Boutique

Vintage Nancy dolls are difficult to find in the United States as they were never marketed or sold here.  New, reproduction Nancy dolls are also available from Spain, if you can find a company willing to ship to overseas.


Lucas, Nancy’s cute bf.


Vintage Nancy in pink. Reproduction Nancy in white.

Nancy Famosa has been updated and redesigned for today’s children.  You can see this new style Nancy here in the US at many Toys R Us stores.


17 thoughts on “Famosa Friday!

  1. Hi Diana!

    What a beautifull Nancy friday you have! Nancy is my fav,  she is the doll from my childhood memories, and I really love your taste for dressing her, you’re amazing, I always enjoy your pics, so thank you for this entry about our little tyrannosaurus doll hehe

    The new dresses are so cute, I can’t choose one of them! m

    This doll have a tons of devoted fans in my country, but all the information you can find about is in spanish. Nowadays Nancy celebrate her 45 th anniversay, several fashion designers have created a special dress for her, and the spanish museum of fashion history,  called “Museo del traje” in Madrid, show a special exhibition about Nancy, (from 26 of september to 19 of january)

     If anybody wants to know more about Nancy, check this link


    News about Nancy Colección here:


  2. Wow, your Nancy dolls are beautiful and dressed so cute! I have seen them before but didn’t know what they were. You have such a wonderful & diverse doll collection. I love it!

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  4. Es muy grato encontrara Nancy fuera de España; ella fue también la muñeca de mi infancia. Tus vestidos para ella son preciosos. Te he escrito sobre ello en Flickr. Saludos. (It is very pleasing to find to the wrist Nancy out of Spain,she was my childhood doll too. Your dresses for her are precious. I have written to you about it for flicr. Regards)

  5. When Nancy Famosa is naked, she strongly resembles Nancy Pelosi in her younger days. Well, how I would imagine Nancy Pelosi in her younger days.

  6. Hi, I would like your opinion, just been cleaning a cupboard out and found my Nancy, she is in the 1972 catalogue Holy Communion, she is in pretty good condition..her hair is no longer in bunches. Thinking about selling her do you think there would be much interest. Thanks for you help.

    • Yes, I’m sure your Nancy could find an appreciative new home. Judging by your email address, I’m assuming that you are in the UK. You will certainly find plenty of potential buyers if you are willing to ship to Spain or elsewhere. Best of luck!

    • Hello Wendy. I have seen your coment. I am a Spanish woman in love with the doll Nancy; I have a few of it now, for that I lost my Nancy of the infancy. I believe that you are lucky for having found your infancy doll, but if you want to sell it, you can look in “ebay”. The nancys of the 70s are very valued. I invite you to see the photographies of my Nancys’s collection in flickr, user name: “Purichi67”

  7. I have my very own Nancy doll from childhood when I was 8, my parents gave it to me directly from Spain. I have left her when I left my country 1997 when I left to live in Spain. I haven’t seen her since that year until my parents brought her back recently to London, to my dismay she wasn’t the same as I have left her. My relative son played with her and left her with no original clothing, still in good shape but a little dirty. I am looking for clothes to buy, is there a way you can help me? I am a lil desperTe because I hAve treasured this doll since I was 8, (I’m 42 now!) and I want her to look gorgeous again. Thanks in advance.

    • I do have items that I have sold on etsy for Nancy Famosa in the past. Have you seen an outfit here or on my flickr photostream that you would like? Let me know and I can tell you if it is still available for sale. : )

  8. Hello,
    I recently found my Nancy at a thrift store, now I am looking for patternn to make her a new outfit, I hope you can help me out here…
    Looking forward to dress her properly and to your answer
    Alie Vermeer

    • Hi Alie! Great score on your Nancy doll! You might want to try some of the vintage Simplicity patterns that are sized for Crissy’s little sister Velvet. Simplicity did a series of patterns sized for Crissy (17.5 inches) and Velvet (15.5 inches). You will have to do a little bit of tweaking with the pattern, but not much. You can find these patterns for free here: http://crissyandbeth.com/Sew.html

      Not all of the patterns were sized for Velvet as well, but you still have plenty of options. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

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