Throw Back Thursday- Cynthia My Best Friend by Mattel


Vintage Cynthia doll

Thought it would be fun to do a “Throw Back Thursday” entry today.  A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a Cynthia and her wardrobe box.  Cynthia was made in 1971 and featured little records that could be inserted to allow her to “speak”.  My girl has several records, but I don’t have a battery handy so I can’t test out her mechanism.  She’s just under twenty inches and is a fabulous clothes horse.  Check out her wardrobe!


Cynthia in a blue, flocked velveteen coat with pink hat and matching boots.  I think that there was originally a purse that came with this set.  I don’t have it.  : (


This might be an off-brand, but it fits Cynthia well.  After doing a little research, I believe the purse actually belongs to another outfit.


The yellow plastic handbag from the previous outfit actually goes with this ensemble.  Records accompanied these separately purchased sets also.  I wonder what they say?


I like the little detail here.  Note the pocket on her mini dress that is hidden by the vest.


Pure ’70’s.  Long skirted dress with a ruffle at the hem.  I had a dress like this, back in the day.


I apologize for the poor photos here, but I hope you can appreciate this outfit.  Check this out:


Her blouse features a conveniently placed slit so that her record can be changed without undressing her.  And look at the zipper in her pants!  I’m such a dork.  I love things like this.


Cynthia’s original outfit.


A battery goes in the back, the records slip into her side.






Her groovy storage box.


Every blonde needs a brunette best friend.  Quick Curl Casey makes a great bff for Cynthia.  Like all besties, they can share clothes and high heeled shoes.  Casey doesn’t play records, though.


Judging from her condition, Cynthia was a carefully played with doll, lovingly preserved by some child (or perhaps a mother) years ago.  I hope that you enjoyed taking a peak.  Do you have any dolls that you’ve treasured from your childhood?


6 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday- Cynthia My Best Friend by Mattel

  1. Oh, Cynthia… a doll high on my wish list :-). This is a great find, she has a lot of cute outfits! And the shoes are so lovely. I have the same jeans, they came with a Tiffany Taylor, but are to big for Tiffany. Now Hasbro Lorifina wears them, but they are also “baggy” for her. I don’t have any dolls left from my childhood, my sister and I had tons of Barbies (and a few Sindys), but they were given away when we got to old to play with them. Lovely post, thanks for sharing this!

    • I love Lorifina, too! I had no idea that she could wear Cynthia clothes (or that Tiffany Taylor could wear some of her things,too!). I wish that Lorifina was still in production. She is such a lovely doll and her clothing and accessories were very well made. Such a wonderful concept.
      Thank you so much for your comments. It’s great to ‘share’ our stories with other doll collectors!

  2. Hi, I’m new to Matilda Pink’s post and feel like I have found a kindred spirit! I still have some of my original childhood dolls, my Tiny Betsy McCall doll, a 17″ Ideal Patti Playpal with the same hairdo that I used to wear in 5th grade, and lucky me, I have my Furga Sylvie doll from 1965, altho I cut her eyelashes and dyed her hair way back then! I have since replaced the eyelashes, and gave her a hairdo with curls, now her hair is sort of a pale reddish-ash blonde color, I love her makeover, although collectors of mint condition dolls would have a fit, no doubt Look forward to more posts & stories about dolls..

    • Thank you so much for sharing your stories about your own dolls! How wonderful that you still have some of your dolls from childhood! I’m sure your Sylvie is lovely! And I didn’t know there was a 17″ Patti Playpal! I’ll have to look that one up!

      • I recently found a set of Cynthia and Casey dolls in great condition, and i bought them because i thought they could wear Supersize Barbie’s outfits, but of cours, them being teen dolls, their chest is much smaller. They can however wear clothes from the Teen trends dolls.

      • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that Teen Trends clothes would work for them. It’s a shame the Teen Trends dolls didn’t last very long. They were a great line of dolls!

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