A newly dressed Furga Simona


Princess Simona in her evening clothes

Princess Simona in her evening clothes

The last few months have been crazy.  Can anyone else relate?  I haven’t spent as much time in the doll studio as I would like, and that has been a little frustrating.  Yesterday, we in the South were hit by Winter Storm Leon.  It’s nice to find myself snuggled inside, with all my doll work in front of me.  Oh, where to start?

I’m starting here, with a long overdue blog post.  I have some new additions to share here in the coming weeks.  I’ve been working on some pretty exciting projects and I look forward to blogging about them.  But for the moment, let me start with a little project that I finally finished up.

Ready for the ball...

Ready for the ball…

My collection of dolls is constantly changing.  I discover something ‘new’ in the vintage world, and some of my ‘old’ girls have to leave to make room.  So it is with Simona here.  I redressed Simona in elegant evening attire.  Her hair was a blast to style.  Unlike most of my Furga S girls, her eyes have plastic lashes and not the typical cotton floss.  Because these lashes are in decent shape, and because they appear to be vintage, I have left them on her.  She’ll be moving to a new home soon (I hope!) and maybe her new owner will change her lashes.

I love the way she looks in evening gloves.  I’m excited to dress more girls in formal clothes, just so I can use gloves again.  Anyway, she’s available, if anyone is interested, at my etsy shop, MatildaPink.

Also available, you can find a new outfit for Blythe.  My original outfit used black gloves (are you noticing a trend with me?) to accent the black and white check coat and hat set.  Unfortunately, the gloves stained one of my dolls (I had two dolls wearing the same outfit, one ended up with stain marks, the other didn’t have any) so I have changed the outfit to include white gloves instead.  It may not be exactly as I envisioned, but it’s still pretty elegant, if I do say so myself.  You can see that outfit at my shop as well.

Tiny white gloves for tiny hands!

Tiny white gloves for tiny hands!


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