A final word about Joy….


Joy as a brunette with bangs.

Before I move on to other dolls by Royal, I wanted to show a few comparisons of Joy and her knock offs.  

By far the best quality copy was a  doll which came dressed in what could be a Mexican costume.  I no longer have that outfit (and unfortunately I didn’t photograph it) but I have her here dressed in a bikini next to Joy.  This unmarked doll is heavy, like Joy, slightly taller, but lacks the same level of detail in her eye painting.  Also, her hair is long and brown, but is very very sparse, only rooted at the center part and along the hairline at her face.  I put a chin length bobbed wig on her for the pictures.


An unmarked Joy clone on the left. Royal’s Joy with center parted black hair on the right.


Unmarked Joy clone, without a wig.

Regal of Canada also offered a similar doll.  Taller than Joy and having a much lighter weight body, this cutie has the familiar side glancing eyes.  My example has short hair with two long sections which I’ve braided and tied with bows.


Her head is marked “REGAL” and “CANADA”


The Regal doll is slightly larger than Joy.

Uneeda also offered Tiny Treasure which does not have the side glancing eyes, but still bears a strong resemblance to Joy.


Uneeda’s Tiny Treasure on the left is stamped “Uneeda Doll Co.” and “1966” on the back of her head.


Three Joy clones, side by side.

Because this is my last post on Joy for the time being, I want to include a photo of Joy in her original packaging.


Joy dressed as a pilgrim.



I hope that you have enjoyed this “Royal Masterpiece”.  Remember, “A thing of beauty is a Joy forever”!


5 thoughts on “A final word about Joy….

  1. Thanks for this lesson! I have always liked the Royal Joy dolls, but had no idea that there were copycats of her. I guess it figures since she was so popular. They are all adorable in their own way, but the real joy outshines them all. :o)

    I can’t wait to see what you blog about next.

  2. Loved reading your comments on Joy and her clones. I also collect both. A very undervalued doll I think. Royal House of Dolls also made a baby doll with her face and some larger dolls that were very similar in expression. I have a Yahoo group on Royal dolls called Joydollfan. Most of my Royal dolls are there.

    • Which Joy are you interested in? I did sell some of these dolls, but let me know which one you like. It might still be available and I could make a custom listing for you in my etsy shop! : )

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