More Big Eyes….



Big eyes.  You can’t avoid them if you collect dolls or kitschy  art from the sixties and seventies.  As it happens, I’m into that sort of thing, so today I thought I’d pay homage to the queen of big eye culture, Margaret Keane.

Rumor has it that Tim Burton will be making a movie entitled “Big Eyes” about artist Margaret Keane and her scheming ex-husband Walter.  For years Walter claimed to be the man behind the brush, taking credit for all of her paintings.  It was eventually settled in federal court, the jury siding with Margaret.  I wonder who will play her…..


Bonnie with the big eyes.  Check out the earrings.  Her ear lobes are pierced then threaded with string and beads, which are knotted in place.


Bonnie the Hobo and Yoko

These dolls are dated 1983 and limited, according to their hang tags, to an edition of 2,000.  Oh, that hobo outfit makes me cringe!  And Yoko’s tabi socks need to be cleaned.  What do you think about these dolls?


5 thoughts on “More Big Eyes….

  1. Hi Diana! Sorry it has been awhile since I visited here. I like these dolls and have always admired Margaret Keane’s art. Are they porcelain with cloth bodies? I always wondered about that. They have the look of vinyl, but I read somewhere that the dolls were porcelain. I have only seen them in photos and not in real life. Big eyes are beautiful!

  2. Yoko looks like she has some horrific foot deformity. But I would love hear the story of how Hobo ans Yoko met. You should pitch that storyline to the Bravo network.

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